Are you interested in more information about housing with Home by Zeitgeist? Go through the most common questions that we solve together.

General questions

  • What are the basic rules of housing?

    Smoking is prohibited in the apartment. Night silence must be observed in the apartment from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

  • For how long is the contract concluded?

    The contract is always for a certain period, usually for 1 year.

  • Can an animal live with us in the apartment?

    The tenant is entitled to keep an animal in the apartment only with the prior consent of the landlord. If the keeping of such an animal causes the need for increased costs for the maintenance of common parts of the building, e.g. cleaning of common areas, the tenant is obliged to pay these costs to the landlord without undue delay. If the animal is in the apartment, the tenant pays a higher deposit (2 x rent, 2 x house fees).

  • Is the rental amount on the website final?

    The amount is for net rent. An amount for building charges is then added to the rent and electricity is then transferred to the tenant. If there is gas in the house, then the gas is overwritten.

  • Is there a commission or deposit?

    No commission is payable. We are direct home owners. The deposit is one rent + house fees. Two rents + two fees are paid for furnished apartments or if you have an animal in the apartment.

  • How to arrange a tour of the apartment?

    Choose an apartment on our website. Open it in your browser and select “arrange a tour”. Fill in the information and then state which apartment you are interested in in the comments.

  • Who manages the apartments?

    Each house is managed by a management company, which ensures that the house is clean and the apartments are fully functional.

  • How long is the notice period?

    The lease is for a fixed period, usually for 1 year.
  • Are the energies transferred to the tenant?

    Electricity is always transferred to the tenant – we arrange the transfer. If there is no central boiler in the house – gas is also transferred to the tenant.

  • What do deposits/house fees include?

    Backups include: water supplies; sewage disposal; removal of municipal waste; lighting and cleaning of common areas; supply of heat and hot water; elevator operation and related services. Individual services vary by house.

  • What is the difference between rent and deposits?

    The rent is permanent. Advances are billed at the end of the year according to actual consumption.

Before moving in - conclusion of the contract.

  • What documents are needed to conclude a contract?

    An ID card or passport is required to conclude the contract. At the same time, everyone gets personal data to fill out.

  • When are rent and deposits/house fees due?

    Rent + deposits/house fees are always paid by the 5th of the month. Example: the tenant must pay the rent for August by August 5.

  • What does the transfer protocol contain?

    Number of keys handed over, status of meters (water, calorimeter/gas, electricity meter), detailed specification of the apartment (condition of the apartment, furniture, appliances, etc.).

  • What happens on move-in day?

    On the day of moving in, a handover protocol will be filled out. At the same time, the apartment will be walked and everything will be written down/photographed. The keys are then handed over. A deposit must be paid on move-in day. Electricity or gas is also transferred to the tenant. We will deliver all contracts and forms.

  • When will the apartment keys be received?

    The tenant will receive the keys on the move-in day. The keys are handed over after the deposit has been paid.

During housing.

  • Who to contact if any documentation/confirmation etc. is needed?


  • Who should I contact if there is a technical problem in the apartment or in the common areas?

    Contact our management company, it is always listed on the bulletin board in the common areas.

  • Who do I contact if I need to extend/terminate the lease?


  • What damage does the tenant pay and what does Home by Zeitgeist pay?

    The tenant pays for defects that he caused himself. Home by Zeitgeist pays for technical problems for which the tenant is not responsible. According to the law, the tenant is obliged to maintain, clean and carry out routine maintenance of the apartment.


  • Who to contact about payments?


Eviction and termination of contract.

  • What should the notice from the apartment look like and what are the next steps?

    The notice must be a document/letter that is signed by the tenant(s). The notice contains: full name, address, apartment number, reason for notice, date. The three-month notice period begins at the beginning of the next month. After that, we will agree on the date of handing over the apartment.

  • What should the handed over apartment look like?

    The apartment must be in the same condition as it was handed over to the tenant (including cleaning, bare clean walls, etc.). If there are any defects, Home by Zeitgeist is able to arrange for repair/cleaning. Subsequently, the amount for the repair would be billed or deducted from the deposit. The same number of keys must be handed over as were handed over at the beginning of the lease.

  • Who arranges the transcription of energies?

    We, Home by Zeitgeist, will solve the transcription of energies.

  • Can any furniture be left in the apartment?

    The apartment must be in the same condition as it was handed over to the tenant, i.e. cleaned without furniture, dishes, etc. If anything is left, we will arrange for removal and then invoice the amount and deduct it from the deposit. The only thing left are the garnishes.

  • What does the transfer protocol contain?

    This is a form where the status of the delivered/taken-over apartment is entered. The states of the meters (electricity meter, gas/calorimeter, water meter) and the number of returned keys are recorded.